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Billet Aluminum Boot Bezels and Boots

Billet Aluminum Boot Bezels are available in two distinct styles which will compliment any interior. For a Hi-Tech appearance, our threaded Boot Bezels are designed to attach to the top of the shifter lever, doubling as a jam nut, allowing the boot to conceal the entire shifter lever. With our O-Ring Boot Bezels, the boot can be placed anywhere along the length of the shifter lever allowing a portion of the lever to be exposed.


  • Screws directly on the shifter thread
  • Receiver groove for easy boot attachment
  • Available in 3/8-16 and 3/8-24 thread and also with a 5/8 O-Ring for a slip fit on Lokar automatic shift levers
  • Boots available to cover the entire 6" & 8" shift levers
  • Short boots available that will expose the entire 6", 8" or 10" levers
  • Brushed, black and chrome finish

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