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Floor Mount Shifter

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Floor Mount Automatic
Transmission Shifters

The Floor Mount Automatic Transmission Shifter follows in the footsteps of its parent transmission mount and tailmount shifters, having been designed with the same superior craftsmanship. The exclusive floor mount brackets allow for installation above or below the floor on the transmission tunnel. Kit includes splined shift arm with three optional offset arms for mounting to right or left. Removal of the transmission is not necessary. Floor Mount Shifter is equipped with the expected safety features of a Lokar Shifter.

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• Operates with solid adjustable linkage
• Neutral Safety Switch
• Positive Safety-Lock-Out in Park and Neutral
• 360-degree lever rotation for extra leg room
• Out from under-the-dash and away-from-the seat-lever adjustments
• Brushed aluminum shifter knobs available in original Mushroom, Black Anodized Mushroom or Hi-Tech Lokar tapered knob
• Easy-to-remove shifter knobs for simple boot installation
• Teflon lined button in shifter knobs for smooth operation
• Chrome-plated lever available in 23", 16", 12", 10", 8" and 6" lengths
• Gold iridited bracketry
• All hardware included for installation
• Available for GM, Ford and Chrysler automatic transmissions
• Rectangular boot rings sold separately

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